Right Mindset for Service Excellence

This workshop is not the traditional customer service training, but rather an engaging and interactive session where your employees learn valuable concepts about Service Excellence and how to develop Service Mindset. This essential two-day workshop is based on the methodology of world’s leading educator and thought leader Mr. Ron Kaufman. This workshop empowers your team to think differently, decide and act effectively in a variety of Customer Service situations.

Participants will learn and practice these principles through four modules.

The Six Levels of Service that allow you to measure your customer service quality The Four Categories of Value- This is a tool that you can use for building service mindset. And this tool helps you to derive practical actions.  Your Perception PointsTake Personal Responsibility

What will participants learn in this workshop about Customer Service Excellence?

  1. Understand why service must continuously improve to deliver customer satisfaction.
  2. Map the flow of your service transactions.
  3. Understand how customers get service value from your organisation.
  4. Improve your service transactions.
  5. Identify key categories where you can add or increase service value.
  6. Take personal responsibility for service improvement with action plans.

Target Participants: This workshop can be attended by everyone who serves anyone, at all levels in your organization.

Duration of Workshop: 2 Days

Customer Service Skills Training Porgram - Foundation of Service Excellence

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Why Choose this program?

Many organizations spend heavily on customer service training and then wonder why no substantial improvements are achieved or why enthusiasm stalls soon after training. Customer Service training teaches someone how to ‘do’ something: provide a defined level of service in a specific situation. Training is tactical, prescriptive and often differs between functions and departments.

In Service Education Courses, employees learn and apply fundamental service principles to create value for customers and colleagues, regardless of their specific role within the company.

How can you access this workshop?

Our Workshop Leaders

These workshops can be delivered by our expert Workshop Leaders on your demand. They will consult with your team before delivering workshops to prepare tailor-made materials aligned with your organisation: relevant service examples, lead customized exercises and facilitate group discussions. This approach guarantees engaging and effective programs with easy application of key learning points and practical action steps for everyone.

Certify In-house Workshop Leaders

A strong and sustainable service culture needs passionate coaches and role models who live and apply the principles of Uplifting Service. You can choose to deliver these workshops by developing In-house Workshop Leaders through our certification program. All Workshop Leaders complete a three-day Workshop Leader Certification Program conducted by a Master Trainer.
Workshop Leaders become your internal team of service experts who support and inspire others, bringing your service vision to life. Internal Certified Workshop Leaders provide increased cost savings, greater flexibility in workshop delivery, effective customization of workshop exercises and attractive career development for your staff.