Who is Ron Kaufman

For over two decades UP! Your Service Founder and Chairman Ron Kaufman has helped companies on every continent build a culture of uplifting service that delivers real business results year after year. Making transformation his mission, Ron is one of the world’s most sought-after educators, consultants, thought-leaders and customer service speakers on the topic of achieving superior service.

The Future of Service Excellence

Packed with real stories and powerful examples, The Future of Service Excellence will inspire, educate and motivate you to focus your team towards progress, performance and profit, through proven and easy-to-apply customer service techniques and mindset. The workshop brings clarity, in an entertaining and upbeat manner, giving you the action steps you need for immediate service improvement.

3 strategies to build a sustainable competitive advantage

Companies with a powerful service reputation and an Uplifting Service culture are attracting and retaining the best talent, achieving market leadership and enjoying sustainable success.

How to align the 12 Building Blocks of service culture

This session provides senior executives with the opportunity to step back and answer the question, “what can I do today make service culture better right now?”

How to track, improve and measure the value of your service culture

Packed with case studies and best practice examples from companies around the world, participate in this presentation to find out what works, what doesn’t, what your organization should do, and what you must avoid.

Interview with Ron Kaufman for Ziarul Financiar about The Future of Service Excellence

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