Download Common Service Language Assessment, includes 28 Insightful Questions Improving your organization’s service culture is a multi-faceted and long-term undertaking. One proven place to start is in building a shared vocabulary for service to focus the attention and actions of your team. Left to their own devices, no two departments will use the same language

Disconnects can easily occur across departments, and between levels in a large organization. For example, managers may focus on service metrics, benchmark scores and share of wallet, while frontline workers talk about today’s schedule, a colleague’s problem, or an angry customer’s remark. Excellent service in one office may mean something quite different in another. For

Can you express your idea, thought, feeling, question, concern, or promise in exactly six words? While challenging, it is also quite amazing how meaningful six words can be. Poignant, provocative, and productive conversations happen easily when you get right to the point.

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A common language enables effective coordination of action. Software developers use common terms, like bug reports and freezing code. When new software comes out, they say the old one has reached the “end of life”. Insurance agents also share a common language. They use terms like persistency, premiums, waivers and exclusions. When their customer reaches