Want to add more value to your customers? Be sure you know what to add!

Here are eight proven ways to get close to your customers and find out what they value, what they care about, what they really want.

Regardless of whether Toyota was slow, ignorant or delusionary to the faults in its vehicles, one thing it has finally done is to say “We are sorry”. Much criticism of the company is anchored in the belief that Toyota was slow and unwilling to take responsibility for evident technical problems. The time it took for

A common language enables effective coordination of action. Software developers use common terms, like bug reports and freezing code. When new software comes out, they say the old one has reached the “end of life”. Insurance agents also share a common language. They use terms like persistency, premiums, waivers and exclusions. When their customer reaches

Every culture shares a common language, a set of practices, traditions, stories, strategies and standards. These common elements influence and shape human behavior. They keep us in the flow of a discourse that already exists.

We are all born into cultures. We are educated in cultures. Our sports and religions and music are all examples of long standing cultures.

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