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Chat with Service intellect: Nina Brătfălean, Director de marketing, BMW Group România

Pentru că ai foarte multă experiență în marketing, poți să ne spui, în opinia ta, care este rolul departamentului de marketing în Customer Experience? Nina Brătfălean (NB): Experiența clientului cu marca este diferențiatorul final, cel mai puternic, dintre două produse sau servicii similare și contribuie în mod decisiv la opțiunea de cumpărare.

Chat with Service intellect: Alexandru Bogdan, Marketing Director Baneasa Shopping City.

Last month we talked about an incredible initiative by Baneasa shopping city, their “Underground Parking Project”. We were curious to know more from their team, about their vision behind this project and how they put this vision into practice. Our curiosity was satisfied during our chat with Alexandru Bogdan, Baneasa Shopping City’s Marketing Director

The Entrance Gate to Superior Service

Băneasa Shopping City – Underground Parking Project. This project is build to create an emotional connection with customers by conveying a pleasant, clear, intuitive experience in the underground parking. About Băneasa Shopping City With an area of over 85,000 square meters, Băneasa Shopping City is one of the largest shopping areas in România.  Located in


Fix Your Perception Points to Improve Your Customer’s Experience

  What differentiates you from your competitors? How can you stand out from the crowd? Look hard into what your organization provides: your products and services, your delivery systems, your employee’s attitudes and the way you build relationships with customers. But what truly differentiates your organization from the rest? Customers today are not just buying


A Powerful (and Simple) Approach to Hiring New Staff Who Make Your Culture Stronger

  A successful service culture requires your people to collaborate with each other internally and exercise the partnership skills to create greater value for external clients. How do you find and hire such people? This is a critical question. New Staff Recruitment is a key Building Block of a strong and sustainable service culture. In