Sonia Nastase, country manager, nestle nespresso romania. Presenting her thoughts on customer service.

At UP! Your Service all our actions are fueled by our vision “Romania becomes Role Model for Superior Service Globally”. Chat with Service Intellect is a initiative towards this vision, where we engage with the people passionate about Service to share their opinions, ideas and thoughts on serving customers.

This month we had opportunity to engage with Country Manager at Nestle Nespresso Romania, Sonia Nastase. She shared with us how organisations can deliver exceptional customer experience and how can they ensure good relationship with consumers.

1. How Nespresso in Romania ensures good relationship with consumers?

The Nespresso brand is grounded in the authentic quality of the coffee. Our green coffee experts select only the highest quality coffee beans from the world’s finest coffee producing regions. Only 1-2% of the coffee grown globally meets our specific taste and aroma profiles and our high standards of quality and sustainability. The brand’s entrepreneurial spirit and heritage of quality and service as well as the modern, forward-looking approach to innovation continue to resonate with our passionate Nespresso Club Members, as we continue to set the standard for high quality coffee and great design and function of coffee machines. One of our most important goals is to nurture the relationship we have with our customers. Nespresso is a brand focused on creating perfect experiences and moments of pleasure. It is a brand that welcomes coffee lovers and invites them into an exclusive relationship. The entire Nespresso system – from the aluminum Nespresso capsule to the Nespresso machine – is designed to work as one to deliver the perfect cup of coffee time after time.

2. What is the most important thing to consider in order to deliver exceptional customer experience?

We believe that between brands and customers there is always a dialogue, not a one-way monologue.

Nespresso is a brand focused on creating perfect experiences and moments of pleasure. It is a brand that welcomes coffee lovers and invites them into an exclusive relationship. Every interaction we have with a consumer is focused on allowing them to immerse themselves in the coffee experience. This consumer immersion allows them to truly be a part of Nespresso and allows us to continue to anticipate expectations and evolve to meet them. Nespresso is about creating a whole new coffee culture that touches connoisseurship, elegance, simplicity and refinement. Coffee is at the heart of the Nespresso brand, but consumer pleasure is truly the brand’s “raison d’être”. Nespresso Club Members stand as the true representation of our brand: a lifestyle that is selective, yet inviting; accomplished, yet inspiring; simple, yet refined.


3. Nespresso is a very well-known premium brand. What challenges does a Premium Brands face in order to deliver superior services to their customers?

Nespresso has grown into one of the most well-recognized premium brands in the world of coffee, representing a refined mark of passion, authenticity and service. We have been true to our heritage for almost 30 years already and our attention to detail in all aspects of what we do has inspired a new generation of coffee lovers as they share our quest for the perfect cup.

Among the challenges a premium brand is facing while attempting to deliver world-class customer experience is the need of understanding customer expectations and knowing how to exceed them. Customers do not care about singular touch points across the customer journey. Instead, they care about their cumulative experiences across multiple touch points and channels over time. The Nespresso Unique Business Model allows us to maintain direct privileged relationships with our millions of passionate consumers around the world, who interact continually with our brand. We have an exclusive distribution model encompassing our online boutique, our international network of exclusive boutiques and our global network of Customer Relationship Centers.

As a business, we focus our efforts on making each and every experience the ultimate coffee experience and customer feedback is the essential component to benchmark and improve the customer experience. The exclusive Nespresso service offering, coupled with the exceptional coffee and the coffee machine innovations provide a level of added value unmatched in the industry.

4. As a Brand, Nespresso is known to have a high recommendation rate by customers, what would be your advice for gaining customers’ trust?

Nespresso has converted millions of the world’s most demanding coffee connoisseurs into a community of enthusiastic fans and advocates by listening to their expectations and meeting their demands. The enthusiasm of our fans has created a global community of passionate ambassadors. In fact, Nespresso Club Members are our best advocates – more than 50% of our new Club Members experience Nespresso for the first time through friends or family and our consumers express high satisfaction rates with our entire service offering, ranking all services between 86 and 93 out of 100.

The Nespresso direct-to-consumer model provides a strong competitive advantage, as it ensures best-in-class exclusive services, direct implementation of service innovations and privileged relationships with Club Members and consumers. The Nespresso Club has grown organically into a global community of some of the most discerning coffee connoisseurs in the world and has played a part in evolving the global coffee culture. The Nespresso Club enables us to nurture a continuous dialogue with our consumers, which allows us to respond, and even anticipate, consumers’ needs. For example, it allows us to devise new services adapted to our consumers’ lifestyle and shopping preferences or launch coffees responding to consumer preference, such as the intense coffees Kazaar and Dharkan or the latest Envivo Lungo launch.

5. In your opinion, what kind of culture does an organization requires in order to deliver superior services to their customers?

 A customer centric organization is where every process starts and ends with customer satisfaction in mind. We believe in forward thinking and always develop with innovation as a guiding light, anticipating consumer expectations and evolve to meet them. By adapting to contemporary lifestyle and shopping preferences, providing more choice and personalization we enhance convenience and experience.